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Dragon Age II: Legacy – Solving Colour Puzzle In Riannon’s Floor


I only just solved this not long ago after many minutes scratching my head and moving the 9 pillars but anyway, I have taken a photo of each pillar, starting from the pillars at the entrance, in left to right formation (You can look at the mini-map in the photos to which pillar I’m looking at)

I apologize first of all for the lack of quality as these shots were taken via mobile phone and I also apologize for not giving a detailed solution to how it’s actually done but hopefully with you looking at my photos, it will give you an idea as to how to solve the puzzle.

Now baring in mind of the pillar’s formation and where the beams are going and make sure you look at the mini map on each photo to make sure your moving the right pillar.

To those who don’t know, the pillars have coloured beams to unlock a room in the upper right section of the area in Riannon’s Floor and as you can see when you reach there, each door is blocked by a coloured field, to do this go to the pillar area and see the coloured beams, you need to re-arrange the pillars to make all of the colours WHITE, once that happens, all the coloured fields will disappear, allowing you to roam into the secret area.

Now for the photos! (Again, sorry for the quality, hope you can see em well enough to guess the pillar’s formation)

Baring in mind, it’s top left to right, middle left to right and bottom left to right, closest to the entrance to the puzzle room (NOTE – Click the photos for enlarged versions of them if you can’t see that well)

Hopefully, if my photos do help you out, all the colour beams should go white and all the fields will be gone, inside the sealed area is two big cheats, one contains random money-related loot and the second chest contains “Helm Of The Fortress” which you will need to complete the Fortress armour set.

I hope this helps out if you get stuck!


  1. Morbius
    July 30, 2011 at 07:56

    Thank u, it really help 😉 good job!

  2. Robert
    December 11, 2011 at 05:49

    This worked perfectly, thanks a ton for posting! Saved me some time!

  3. Jose
    January 24, 2012 at 23:25

    very thorough, thank you.

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