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WWE Releases Several Wrestlers, TNA Releases 2 Wrestlers

It’s been announced today that several wrestlers have been released from the WWE, it comes as a shock and their cuts are effective immediately.

The following wrestlers have been confirmed to being cut from the WWE:

  • Melina
  • Vladimir Koslov
  • Chris Masters
  • David Hart Smith
  • Gail Kim (Not 100% official yet, she claims that she has quit)
It’s uncertain if there will be anymore cuts from the company, I’ll update the list if I hear anymore releases
From TNA/Impact Wrestling, Desmond Wolfe has been released from the company, he was pretty much still unable to wrestle, from what I read up, Dixie Carter gave him a non-wrestling role, hense him setting up the Xplosion Championship Challenge but after several weeks, the decision was made to release him.
It’s a shame as I like Desmond Wolfe, has good charisma and did some great matches in his early TNA career, Dixie Carter really tried her best to keep Wolfe in the business but it was all for nought in the end.
Also, Amazing Red has parted ways with the company too due to the creative team “Has nothing for you” as he explained on his twitter account, I hope he finds work soon, hate to see such talent go to waste!
Good luck to all those released in their future careers, shame to see you all go!


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