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Fallout New Vegas: Weapon Pack DLCs a week after Lonesome Road

Bethesda have announced that even though Lonesome Road is the final story based DLC for Fallout New Vegas, that doesn’t mean that all the DLCs for New Vegas have been released, no sir!

There are two weapon packs coming to New Vegas, although Bethesda wasn’t really clear on what will be in one of the DLCs but the second one was made pretty clear on what it will contain

The two DLC packs are Gun Runner’s Arsenal and Courier’s Stash

The Courier’s Stash is a DLC pack that contains all the pre-order material for Fallout: New Vegas, so if you missed out on a pre-order code or haven’t got them all yet then this pack will give you every single pre-order pack, the pictures below show what each pre-order pack contained and what will be in the Courier’s Stash DLC (Click the thumbnails for bigger view)

In case your wondering, I got the classic pack with my pre-order of New Vegas, the pre-orders varied on country and where you pre-ordered from but if you didn’t pre-order it then this is the pack for you!

Gun Runner’s Arsenal is a BIG weapon pack DLC, Bethesda confirmed that 27 new weapons and 40 new weapon mods would be included in the pack along with new challenges, ammo types and achievements. These weapons vary in all ways, from melee to ranged, basic to unique and same goes for the mods and ammo packs. What each one is though I’m not so sure, Fallout Wiki got a few confirmed but not all 27, you will have to figure that out for yourself when they are released

Both DLC packs will be released on the same day for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, the date of these releasing is the 27th September 2011, only a week after Lonesome Road, enjoy!

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