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Fallout New Vegas: Gun Runner’s Arsenal Weaponry Part 1

Playing the weapon DLC to Fallout: New Vegas, Gun Runner’s Arsenal, it is said in Fallout Wiki that there are around 47 weapons in this new pack so I am posting up these new weapons in my blog website as I find them, using my mobile phone to take the quick snap shots of each new weapon I find! (I apologize about the lack of quality on the pics, my mobile doesn’t have a great camera)

I also found out that some of the original weapons in New Vegas have their own GRA symbol next to the gun’s name, this means that the specific weapon can equip GRA (Gun Runner’s Arsenal) special mods that makes them more unique and more powerful.

But for now I will show you some of the new weapons I’ve found from purchasing in shops and traders, there might be a few parts to this so please bare with me!

(Click the thumbnails to view the picture in full view)

Battle Rifle




Cleansing Flame



(Special Effect when equipped – +10 DT and +25 Rad Resist)



Greased Lightning

Special Effect – Lightning fast attacks

Thats is for Part 1 of my Gun Runner’s Arsenal weaponry post, I will be making Part 2 very soon, as I said, I am making these posts as I find more unique weaponry and then I will put up what original weapons have been given special GRA treatment afterwards!

  1. Justin
    September 29, 2011 at 00:03

    where the hell is the katana? supposed to be sold by vendatron but not there or any other shop

    • September 29, 2011 at 08:18

      Most of the DLC weapons are random in shops just like any other weapon, just be paitent and keep trying the shop every several game days, I’m just posting them up as i’m finding them

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