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Batman: Arkham City Soundtrack Download

October 31, 2011 Leave a comment

As one of the top contenders for game of 2011, Batman Arkham City really has pushed the gaming boundaries, and you thought it couldn’t get any better than Arkham Asylum but it has and boy does it show!

Good old Sonix has found the original score soundtrack to the game and has shared it with the world on his website so I thought I’d help out with spreading the news of the soundtrack, below will be the track listings and a link to the main site where Sonix put up the content

After my recent incidents with constant link breakages, I decided from now on to just put up the direct website link instead and you can decide which link mirror to use.

01 Arkham City Main Theme 2:47
02 Sorry, Boys 1:49
03 A Monument To Your Failure 1:56
04 Have You Got My Location 4:20
05 This Court Is Now In Session 2:16
06 It Was The Joker 2:19
07 I Think You Should Do As He Says 2:35
08 Refusal Will Not Be Tolerated 2:44
09 Wham. Gotcha! 3:29
10 Let’s Hear Him Squeal 3:01
11 I Know What You Guys Are Thinking 3:34
12 It’s Initiation Time 1:59
13 What’s He Doing Here? 2:14
14 How Does It Feel, Pig? 2:19
15 Call Him Off 4:36
16 You Should Have Listened To My Warning 2:10
17 You Need To Think This Through 2:43
18 Bring Her Back To Me 2:08
19 It’s Not Even Breakfast 3:51

Disc length 52:50

Here is the link address to Sonix’s website and direct to where you can download the soundtrack –

All of Sonix’s files are password protected, if you can’t find it on the website, here it is, just copy and paste when asked for – sonixgvn

Thanks to Sonix and enjoy the album to a kick-ass game!






WWE Vengeance 2011 Results

October 25, 2011 Leave a comment


Vengeance 2011

23rd October



Match 1 – Air Boom vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (WWE Tag Titles)

Winner – Air Boom

Match 2 – Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder (US Title)

Winner – Dolph Ziggler

Match 3 – Beth Phoenix vs Eve (Divas Title)

Winner – Beth Phoenix

Match 4 – Christian vs Sheamus

Winner – Sheamus

Match 5 – Triple H & CM Punk vs The Miz & R-Truth

Winner – Miz & Truth

Match 6 – Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes (Non-Title)

Winner – Randy Orton

Match 7 – Mark Henry vs Big Show (World Heavyweight Title)

Winner – No Decision (Both were knocked out)

Match 8 – John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio (Last man standing match for WWE Title)

Winner – Alberto Del Rio


Overall – Plenty of surprises and pretty good PPV, the last half of the PPV gained the most ground and had the best matches, those who remember the Brock Lesner/Big Show nostalgia with the ring breaking should be surprised that it could never be repeated and the fact that Alberto/Cena match still went on with a broken ring was pretty daring but good showings all round!


TNA Bound For Glory 2011 Results

October 17, 2011 Leave a comment


Bound For Glory 2011

October 16th



Match 1 (Pre-opening match) – Mexican America vs Ink Inc (World Tag Titles)

Winner – Mexican America

Match 2 – Austin Aries vs Brian Kendrick (X Division Title)

Winner – Austin Aries

Match 3 – Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn (Full Metal Mayhem)

Winner – Rob Van Dam

Match 4 – Crimson vs Samoa Joe vs Matt Morgan

Winner – Crimson

Match 5 – Mr. Anderson vs Bully Ray (Falls Count Anywhere)

Winner – Mr. Anderson

Match 6 – Velvet Sky vs Winter vs Madison Rayne vs Mickie James (Knockouts Title)

Winner – Velvet Sky

Match 7 – A.J Styles vs Christopher Daniels (I Quit Match)

Winner – A.J Styles

Match 8 – Hulk Hogan vs Sting (Winner gains control of TNA)

Winner – Sting

Match 9 – Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle (TNA World Title)

Winner – Kurt Angle


Overall – For TNA’s version of Wrestlemania, this year’s Bound For Glory was disappointing, as much as the main event was good, it made all that effort to boost Roode’s momentum go to waste. There wasn’t alot of great matches and more so that some of them can be forgettable, I just hope they know what they are doing with Bobby Roode….



Dark Souls Original Soundtrack Download

October 6, 2011 1 comment

As the sequel to one of the toughest games in gaming history, Dark Souls has alot to live up to after Demon’s Souls and as the game is at the brink of release this week, I went to seek it’s original soundtrack and of course, the usual resource I was looking at had this soundtrack as part of the Dark Souls limited edition boxset.

Below is the track listings and link to the source:

01 Prologue 3:44
02 Firelink Shrine 2:57
03 Taurus Demon 2:40
04 Bell Gargoyle 3:26
05 Pinwheel 2:17
06 Gaping Dragon 2:59
07 Chaos Witch Quelaag 2:39
08 Daughters of Chaos 2:56
09 Iron Golem 2:51
10 Ornstein & Smough 2:50
11 Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight 2:47
12 Great Grey Wolf Sif 3:22
13 Ceaseless Discharge 3:04
14 Centipede Demon 3:01
15 Four Kings 2:44
16 Seath the Scaleless 2:59
17 Gravelord Nito 3:09
18 Bed of Chaos 3:39
19 The Ancient Dragon 3:18
20 Crossbreed Priscilla 3:04
21 Dark Sun Gwyndolin 2:55
22 Gwyn, Lord of Cinder 3:38
23 Nameless Song 6:38

Disc length 73:37

Since the last lot of direct download links appear to be disable within a few weeks, I thought that this time I’ll just post up the link to the direct website page to where I found this and the main site has several hosting sites where you can download the soundtrack.

Link to website –

The files from this website are always password protected, in case you couldn’t see it on the website, here it is – sonixgvn 

Enjoy the soundtrack to Dark Souls and thanks to Sonix for posting it up!







WWE Hell In A Cell 2011 Results

October 3, 2011 Leave a comment


Hell In A Cell 2011

October 2nd



Match 1 – Sheamus vs Christian

Winner – Sheamus

Match 2 – Real Sin Cara vs Fake Sin Cara

Winner – Real Sin Cara

Match 3 – Air Boom vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (Tag Team Titles)

Winner – Air Boom

Match 4 – Mark Henry vs Randy Orton (World Heavyweight Title)

Winner – Mark Henry

Match 5 – Cody Rhodes vs John Morrison (Intercontinental Title)

Winner – Cody Rhodes

Match 6 – Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix (Divas Title)

Winner – Beth Phoenix

Match 7 – John Cena vs CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio (WWE Title)

Winner – Alberto Del Rio


Overall: It’s was alright, a Hell In A Cell PPV without loads of violence and blood isn’t a true HIAC PPV but nevertheless this wasn’t a bad PPV, I’m a little fed up with out many times the WWE Title is constantly switching hands. I’m glad Henry still has his title, if the WWE know whats best, they should keep Henry as a title owner for sometime to get his dominance in the full

Next PPV: Vengeance 


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