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WWE Hell In A Cell 2011 Results


Hell In A Cell 2011

October 2nd



Match 1 – Sheamus vs Christian

Winner – Sheamus

Match 2 – Real Sin Cara vs Fake Sin Cara

Winner – Real Sin Cara

Match 3 – Air Boom vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (Tag Team Titles)

Winner – Air Boom

Match 4 – Mark Henry vs Randy Orton (World Heavyweight Title)

Winner – Mark Henry

Match 5 – Cody Rhodes vs John Morrison (Intercontinental Title)

Winner – Cody Rhodes

Match 6 – Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix (Divas Title)

Winner – Beth Phoenix

Match 7 – John Cena vs CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio (WWE Title)

Winner – Alberto Del Rio


Overall: It’s was alright, a Hell In A Cell PPV without loads of violence and blood isn’t a true HIAC PPV but nevertheless this wasn’t a bad PPV, I’m a little fed up with out many times the WWE Title is constantly switching hands. I’m glad Henry still has his title, if the WWE know whats best, they should keep Henry as a title owner for sometime to get his dominance in the full

Next PPV: Vengeance 


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