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Dark Souls Original Soundtrack Download

As the sequel to one of the toughest games in gaming history, Dark Souls has alot to live up to after Demon’s Souls and as the game is at the brink of release this week, I went to seek it’s original soundtrack and of course, the usual resource I was looking at had this soundtrack as part of the Dark Souls limited edition boxset.

Below is the track listings and link to the source:

01 Prologue 3:44
02 Firelink Shrine 2:57
03 Taurus Demon 2:40
04 Bell Gargoyle 3:26
05 Pinwheel 2:17
06 Gaping Dragon 2:59
07 Chaos Witch Quelaag 2:39
08 Daughters of Chaos 2:56
09 Iron Golem 2:51
10 Ornstein & Smough 2:50
11 Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight 2:47
12 Great Grey Wolf Sif 3:22
13 Ceaseless Discharge 3:04
14 Centipede Demon 3:01
15 Four Kings 2:44
16 Seath the Scaleless 2:59
17 Gravelord Nito 3:09
18 Bed of Chaos 3:39
19 The Ancient Dragon 3:18
20 Crossbreed Priscilla 3:04
21 Dark Sun Gwyndolin 2:55
22 Gwyn, Lord of Cinder 3:38
23 Nameless Song 6:38

Disc length 73:37

Since the last lot of direct download links appear to be disable within a few weeks, I thought that this time I’ll just post up the link to the direct website page to where I found this and the main site has several hosting sites where you can download the soundtrack.

Link to website –

The files from this website are always password protected, in case you couldn’t see it on the website, here it is – sonixgvn 

Enjoy the soundtrack to Dark Souls and thanks to Sonix for posting it up!







  1. John Lithium
    July 19, 2012 at 01:45

    Thank you very much for this. Got the ‘special edition’, yet the download card never worked.

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