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Secret Dragon Battle in Skyrim


To those who wondering if you can find anymore unique dragons in Skyrim other than the ones you’ve already beaten during the main story quests then you are in some luck, there is one special dragon in the most unusual place in the game, underground!

You heard right, normally, you would fight dragons in the outside world where there is of course loads of room but to fight a dragon indoors or underground seems strange since there is barely any room to fly or move well but you’d be surprised where you can find this one, it’s in the big Dwemer city called Blackreach.

You can get there via almost all Dwemer ruins/towers and the place is massive and you could probably get lost due to all the stairs, areas and buildings to get through but there are a few lifts to take you to the surface but anyway, about this dragon….

You need to go to a specific location in Blackreach in order to get it’s attention, you must go to this small fortress looking place that has this massive light ornament hanging above it (Picture below)

You need to hit it with Unrelenting Force, it’s best to hold for the three word version as you will need quite some reach to hit it but if you managed to hit it with the Shout, you should hear a gong noise and several seconds later you should start to hear the dragon coming.

This special dragon is called Vulthuryol, he is about as strong as a Elder Dragon so if you are about level 30 or higher, you shouldn’t have any serious trouble with it but if you want to play it safe against this dragon, stay out of sight for a bit and it should go after the Falmer or their servants thats left alive in the area.

The dragon, like any other, should have a couple of dragon bones and scales on it along with random amounts of gold and some other random goodies, it still amazes me how this dragon managed to get to Blackreach but we will probably never find out….

Good luck slaying this special dragon!

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