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TNA Final Resolution 2011 Results



Final Resolution 2011

Sunday 11th December



Match 1 – Rob Van Dam vs Christopher Daniels

Winner – Rob Van Dam

Match 2 – Robbie E vs Eric Young (TV Title)

Winner – Robbie E

Match 3 – Matt Morgan & Crimson vs Devon & The Pope (TNA Tag Titles)

Winner – Matt Morgan & Crimson

Match 4 – Austin Aries vs Kid Kash (X Division Title)

Winner – Austin Aries

Match 5 – Gail Kim vs Mickie James (Knockout Title)

Winner – Gail Kim

Match 6 – Kurt Angle vs James Storm

Winner – James Storm

Match 7 – Jeff Hardy vs Jeff Jarrett (Cage match, if Hardy loses, he leaves TNA, if Hardy wins, he becomes #1 contender for World Title and either Jarrett or Karen leaves TNA)

Winner – Jeff Hardy (Who leaves might be announced on this week’s show)

Match 8 – Bobby Rhode vs A.J Styles (30 minute Iron Man match for World Title)

Point 1 – Rhode

Point 2 – Rhode

Point 3 – A.J

Point 4 – A.J

Point 5 – A.J

Point 6 – Rhode

Final scores – Rhode 3/A.J 3, the match is a draw and Rhode keeps the title


Overall – This was a weird PPV, all the titles were on the line and all the title holders defended their belts, makes the whole atmosphere pretty underwhelming, I don’t really have much more to say really….


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