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Resident Evil 6 Confirmed!


OH YEAH!!! Capcom officially announced that a Resident Evil 6 has emerged and boy could any Resi fan get anymore excited!?!?

A recent trailer to the game was released not too long ago and it shows the return of former S.T.A.R.S member, Chris Redfield and rookie cop turned special agent, Leon S Kennedy, in what looks like the game is going back to it’s “Old Roots”, with that I think they mean going back to the classic zombie apocalypse virus outbreak rather that stick to that story of the Las Plagas that not many of us actually liked.

From what the story in the trailer is trying to tell us is something to do with the President of the United States announcing that he is revealing the truth about the virus outbreak as it starts infecting the entire country and it’s upto Leon and Chris to save the world once again, although this time, there is a third party trying to stop this outbreak, however the details on this is no very clear, I’m sure all will be revealed when the game gets closer to release!

And the release date you say….. the 20th November 2012 so you don’t have to wait until next year for this as it’s closer than I thought.

Although from previous games, some fans aren’t happy with the series, some coz of how Resi 5 was and that it was supposed to become the final game in the saga but rest assure that this game looks AWESOME! Check below for the official trailer to the game

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