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WWE Raw 30/1 – Undertaker Returns!


He has finally returned!!!

At the end of the 30th January edition of WWE Raw, we witnessed the return of The Undertaker, The Phenom, The Deadman, a man that requires so little words and has so many names, and he looks….a little different to be honest….

Just when Triple H was about to, what seemed like, fire John Laurinaitis from the WWE, the gong sounded and the arena went blank and then Undertaker’s music hit, the man himself approached the ring in his usual slow fashion, HHH had his eyes fixed on Taker through the whole thing while John made a run for it.

Undertaker and HHH got up face to face, Taker then looked up at the Wrestlemania XXVIII sign, looked back at HHH and did a slit throat taunt, expecting HHH to answer his challenge for what looked like a 3rd encounter at Wrestlemania, all HHH did was walk past him and patted his shoulder and walked off, made a brief pause at the ramp and then went backstage.

This might mean that HHH doesn’t want to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania but we will see how things play out in the coming weeks…. It is good to see the Undertaker back in the WWE although one thing puzzles me about his appearance….

…. Did anyone notice his weird hair style, looks like he was wearing a wig, might just be me

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