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Konami announces Metal Gear Online termination

Konami have announced today on their Facebook page that the Metal Gear Online game, after 4 years since it started, is to be terminated during the summer this year, here is what Konami said in their recent post on Facebook:

“To start off, we would like to first thank anyone who participated in Metal Gear Online for their four years of dedicated loyalty and support. It was because of your support that this project was extended an additional year longer than initially planned.

We are going to be rolling out a series of small closures starting March 21st and ending with theshutdown of the central servers June 12th on the 4th anniversary of the game’s release.

On March 21st the MGO Online Shop will be closed.

The following month, on April 24th, the Expansion Packs, Preset Codec Message Appeal Packs and Reward Shop Equipment will become available for download for free. New character registration will be unavailable after this date.

Finally, on June 12th at 11:59PM JST (4:59AM PST, 7:59AM EST), the servers will be shut down. 

You’ve snuck, shot, CQC’d, won, and lost against fellow operatives all around the world creating friendships and rivalries we hope you’ll cherish long after the servers end, and from the entire staff at Konami and Kojima Productions, we thank you, and hope that we will have the opportunity to serve you again in the future.

Taken from the official transcript at the MGO website:

“METAL GEAR ONLINE” was included with “METAL GEAR SOLID 4” and launched on June 12th 2008.However, we regret to announce that online service will draw to a close on June 12th 2012 after four years of service.

Thank you to everyone for your loyal support of METAL GEAR ONLINE.”

It is sad to hear about that, many people loved Meat Gear Online almost as much as the actual Metal Gear Solid 4 game but after 4 years.

I am surprised it lasted this long, Konami even said that the game was extended by a year and now they are slowly closing the curtains on this game, so if you are still playing the game, try to make the most of it as come summer time it will be closed down for good!

  1. Joshua E Mason
    May 7, 2012 at 00:15

    What are you crazy, you better not shut down
    Take you to court

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