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WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Results



Elimination Chamber 2012

19th February



Match 1 – C.M Punk vs Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston vs R-Truth (RAW Chamber match for WWE Title)

R-Truth eliminated by Punk

Ziggler eliminated by Jericho

Kingston eliminated by Jericho

Jericho unable to continue after being kicked at the back of the head by Punk

Miz eliminated by Punk

Winner – C.M Punk

Match 2 – Beth Phoenix vs Tamina Snuka (Divas Title)

Winner – Beth Phoenix

Match 3 – Daniel Bryan vs Big Show vs Great Khali vs Cody Rhodes vs Wade Barrett vs Santino (World Title Chamber Match)

Khali eliminated by Big Show

Big Show eliminated by Cody Rhodes

Rhodes eliminated by Santino

Wade Barrett eliminated by Santino

Santino eliminated by Bryan

Winner – Daniel Bryan

Match 4 – Jack Swagger vs Justin Gabriel (US Title)

Winner – Jack Swagger

Match 5 – John Cena vs Kane (Ambulance match)

Winner – John Cena


Overall – The two chamber matches were the best matches of the PPV, the Divas match was actually decent for a change but the other matches was just shambles, the Cena/Kane match didn’t really do much for me and fell flat, same for the US title match, if it weren’t for the chamber matches, this PPV would be just poor!


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