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Ziedrich’s Diary – My Forum Life part 1

It’s been nearly 10 years since I began my forum life so I thought I might share where I started in all this….

It all started late 2002 where I decided to do something different for a change, I was on my late year of high school and I needed something to take my mind off the stress of exams and big projects. After a few hours of searching, I came across a big forum website that came into existence not too long ago, a few years roughly.

This forum website is called Neoseeker, some of you who read this might recognise the name or even been there (Or still do go there), I thought I’d join this site, but I wasn’t too sure at first so I roamed the site as a GUEST to see what all the fuss is about.

Wasn’t long before I got deep in conversations with members and other guests, the first forum area of the site I went into was Dynasty Warriors 2, the area wasn’t that busy or had alot of threads but there was enough visitors at the time and there I met my first forum friend there, goes by the name of Deathman48, he always had a Cyberdemon from DooM as his avatar and we got on pretty quickly.

After about a month or two of being a guest I decided to become a member of the forum website and so at the beginning of 2003, I made my first account, martinwalker8, I named myself, daft username but I wasn’t really good with name making back then

My first step of being a new member was to get to know my surroundings in the website, after getting some images together, I stocked up my avatar and signature and away I went, roaming the website’s many forum areas and threads, I went back to Dynasty Warriors 2 and then went to Dynasty Warriors 3 along with Deathman48, this area, since DW3 was recently released, it got alot of people posting on it and it had it’s own forum moderator, can’t remember the mod’s name properly, think he was called Paigne or something, memory is a little fuzzy and we barely talked, which I understood since the area was packed with DW fans!

Not long after I started posting in the Devil May Cry area and that place was pretty busy too but not quite enough to have a full-time mod, the recent mod of there just left due to it being a quiet but not many heard of that game at the time and I just loved the game to no end…..

I’m going to post my forum life in several parts so I’m going to end my first year in Neoseeker there for now so I can try to remember more of what happened haha!

I’ll post up part 2 soon….

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