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Ziedrich’s Diary – Forum Life part 2

During late  2003/2004 in Neoseeker, I was switching between Dynasty Warriors and Devil May Cry forums since they were the major games I was playing at the time and then started playing a game called Kingdom Hearts which I thought was a very unique RPG action game, I joined it’s forum section in Neoseeker and didn’t realise how crammed the place was, so many people with an average posts per day rating of about 120 to 150!

The Kingdom Hearts forum did have a moderator at the time, can’t fully remember his name, think it was around the lines of  FenriZ  666, Not completely sure since that was like the last time I met the guy, not long after I started in the place, he left his mod job and just a few weeks later, a new mod took his place, called DragonFang, nice guy but he didn’t really last long as the mod since he had some family issues or something and asked the admins to demote him.

This sparked a mass overhaul of moderation requests for the KH forum, during 2004, I was the most helpful member of that forum, with wave after wave of solving people’s questions on the game and where to go and such, after DragonFang demoted from there, I was announced as the Kingdom Hearts Master due to me fully completing the game and one of the few people who made a FAQ to all the big bosses such as Sephiroth and the Ice Titan.

I started gaining quite a few loyal fans, people such as Devil Link and Mount, and I thought that I might aswell send my invite off to the admins to become moderator of Kingdom Hearts, when I announced that I have done so on the KH’s general discussion thread, the rest of the members kinda lost hope of them gaining the mod place, I felt bad but was also laughing at the humour side of it

At first, I didn’t want to send the invite for mod place since I didn’t think I could take the responsibilities of a moderator, I mean I was a mod before, for about 6 months, I was mod of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duellist Of The Roses, I haven’t talked about it since my job there only lasted 6 months and that section was dying down when I got the position anyway so it’s not important….

Anyway, before I sent the invite, I was given a PM by one of the website’s Super Moderators, his name was called BloodSin, a very nice guy that I talk to everynow and again over at the Vagrant Story forum. He sent me a personal message pretty much saying that he was studying certain people after the last mod retired, he told me that I was one of the best guys for the job of moderation of KH forum, I was quite moved but such confidence that this upper class mod has on me and so with this in mind, I sent out my invite and had to wait for the answer

The waiting would last about 2 weeks, it was quite an agonizing 2 weeks, just waiting for a reply, then when the time came, I received a PM from the special member, Moderator Requests, who focuses just on the mod invites, hence the username. He said to me that after some serious competition of the place of mod of Kingdom Hearts, I was the one their choose, my heart almost stopped at what was in the PM and just a few days later, my username, Martinwalker8, was on the top of the forum, “Moderator – Martinwalker8”, I really couldn’t have been any happier!

In part 3, I will talk about some of the things I have done in the Kingdom Hearts forum of Neoseeker and that my season as mod of the forum lasted about a massive 18 months!

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