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WWE Over The Limit 2012 Results

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Over The Limit 2012

May 20th



Pre-match – Zack Ryder vs Kane

Winner – Kane

Match 1 – People Power Battle Royale (Winner decides to fight for US Title or IC Title)

Winner – Christian

Match 2 – Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (Tag Titles)

Winner – Kofi & R-Truth

Match 3 – Layla vs Beth Phoenix (Divas Title)

Winner – Layla

Match 4 – Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio vs Chris Jericho (World Heavyweight Title)

Winner – Sheamus

Match 5 – Brodus Clay vs The Miz

Winner – Brodus Clay

Match 6 – Cody Rhodes vs Christian (IC Title)

Winner – Christian

Match 7 – CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan (WWE Title)

Winner – CM Punk

Match 8 – Camacho vs Ryback

Winner – Ryback

Match 9 – John Cena vs John Laurinaitis (If Laurinitis loses, he is fired)

Winner – John Laurinitis (With help from the Big Show)


Overall – This PPV has plenty of highs and plenty of lows, the best match of the night was CM Punk against Daniel Bryan match, that was just fantastic! The Cena/Laurinitis match was more of a comedy show than an actual wrestling match so try not to treat it seriously, this might be setting up Cena vs Big Show at No Way Out next month when he helped Laurinitis win his match….


TNA Sacrifice 2012 Results

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Sacrifice 2012

May 13th



(Sorry for the lateness, I had it on record and only watched it last night so apologies)

Match 1 – Samoa Joe & Magnus vs Kazarian & Daniels (TNA Tag Titles)

Winner – Daniels & Kazarian

Match 2 – Gail Kim vs Brooke Tessmacher (Knockouts Title)

Winner – Gail Kim

Match 3 – Robbie E vs Rob Terry vs Devon (TNA TV Title)

Winner – Devon

Match 4 – Jeff Hardy vs Mr Anderson

Winner – Mr Anderson

Match 5 – Crimson vs Eric Young

Winner – Crimson

Match 6 – Austin Aries vs Bully Ray

Winner – Austin Aries

Match 7 – Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles

Winner – Kurt Angle

Match 8 – Bobby Roode vs Rob Van Damn (Ladder match for TNA World Title)

Winner – Bobby Roode


Overall – The first half of the PPV was kinda slow and the matches weren’t really great but the second half with the final 3 matches was just fantastic, the final lot of matches was worth watching, very entertaining!


One Piece: Kaizoku Musou OST Download

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The next series of the Musou gaming series makes a stop to make the One Piece Musou game, a video game based on the popular anime series with the Dynasty Warriors twist!

Me personally, ain’t that bothered but this is mainly for those who like DW/One Piece related music and games, Sonix has submitted a short album from the game, I don’t think this is the full album considering how small the tracklist is, anyway, below is the tracklist to the OST and the link directly to Sonix’s website to download the album


01 The King of Pirates メインテーマ 1:30
02 Biginning of Voyage メニュー画面 2:54
03 Story Telling ナレーション 1:28
04 My Pleasant Friends シャボンディ諸島 4:12
05 Prepare for Pirates オレンジの町 3:27
06 Theme of Buggy バギーのテーマ 3:51
07 I’m Gonna Take It 海上レスロラン.バラティエ 4:36
08 The Challengers ボス戦1.通常ボス 2:34
09 The End of a Battle 戦後評価 1:45
10 I’m Hungry! プレイヤー勝利 0:12
Disc length 26:29
Direct link to Sonix’s website to download the OST –
Like all of Sonix’s files, each one is password protected, here is the password – sonixgvn 
Thanks to Sonix for posting this up and enjoy this short OST!

Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack Download

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Mass Effect 3 purely is the best of the series but of course the ending leaves players totally bewildered, thankfully, BioWare have listened to the fans and is sorting out a DLC to extend the ending anyway on with this soundtrack!

Sonix has posted this up on his website and so I am just sharing what he has posted up, if you are seeking the soundtrack to this awesome game, look no further, below you will see a tracklist to the soundtrack and a link to Sonix’s website where you can find mirror links to download the OST


01 The Fate of the Galaxy 1:19
02 Leaving Earth 2:02
03 Mars 4:40
04 A Cerberus Agent 1:46
05 The View of Palaven 3:34
06 A Future for the Krogan 3:29
07 Surkesh 2:27
08 The Ardat Yakshi 3:19
09 Rannoch 3:06
10 I’m Sorry 2:35
11 The Cerberus Plot 3:48
12 The Scientists 2:48
13 Aralakh Company 3:26
14 Prothean Beacon 3:20
15 Defeat 3:17
16 Reaper Chase 2:02
17 Stand Strong, Stand Together 1:53
18 I was Lost Without You 2:33
19 The Fleets Arrive 1:41
20 We Face Our Enemy Together 1:39
21 I’m Proud Of You 1:16
22 An End, Once and For All 2:52
23 Credits 4:06
24 Betrayal 2:52
25 Creation 2:14

Disc length 68:04

Click this link to go directly to Sonix’s site where the links are to download this –

Like all his files, this OST is password protected, if you want the password but can’t find it on the website, here it is – sonixgvn

Thanks to Sonix for posting this up and enjoy the soundtrack!

WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Results



Extreme Rules 2012

29th April



Pre-Show – Santino vs The Miz (US Title)

Winner – Santino

Match 1 – Kane vs Randy Orton (Falls Count Anywhere)

Winner – Randy Orton

Match 2 – Brodus Clay vs Dolph Ziggler

Winner – Brodus Clay

Match 3 – Big Show vs Cody Rhodes (Tables match for IC Title)

Winner – Cody Rhodes

Match 4 – Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan (2 out of 3 falls match for World Title)

First win – Sheamus via DQ

Second win – Bryan via submission

Third win – Sheamus via pinfall to keep his title

Match 5 – Ryback vs Arron Relic & Jay Hatton

Winner – Ryback

Match 6 – CM Punk vs Chris Jericho (Chicago Street Fight for WWE Title)

Winner – CM Punk

Match 7 – Nikki Bella vs Layla (Divas Title)

Winner – Layla

Match 8 – John Cena vs Brock Lesnar (Extreme Rules match)

Winner – John Cena


Overall – That was quite a PPV and a great one at that! About half of the matches were average but matches like the Punk/Jericho, Cena/Brock matches were brilliant, it was almost like last year’s Money In The Bank, good stuff!

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