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WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Results



Extreme Rules 2012

29th April



Pre-Show – Santino vs The Miz (US Title)

Winner – Santino

Match 1 – Kane vs Randy Orton (Falls Count Anywhere)

Winner – Randy Orton

Match 2 – Brodus Clay vs Dolph Ziggler

Winner – Brodus Clay

Match 3 – Big Show vs Cody Rhodes (Tables match for IC Title)

Winner – Cody Rhodes

Match 4 – Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan (2 out of 3 falls match for World Title)

First win – Sheamus via DQ

Second win – Bryan via submission

Third win – Sheamus via pinfall to keep his title

Match 5 – Ryback vs Arron Relic & Jay Hatton

Winner – Ryback

Match 6 – CM Punk vs Chris Jericho (Chicago Street Fight for WWE Title)

Winner – CM Punk

Match 7 – Nikki Bella vs Layla (Divas Title)

Winner – Layla

Match 8 – John Cena vs Brock Lesnar (Extreme Rules match)

Winner – John Cena


Overall – That was quite a PPV and a great one at that! About half of the matches were average but matches like the Punk/Jericho, Cena/Brock matches were brilliant, it was almost like last year’s Money In The Bank, good stuff!

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