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Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack Download


Mass Effect 3 purely is the best of the series but of course the ending leaves players totally bewildered, thankfully, BioWare have listened to the fans and is sorting out a DLC to extend the ending anyway on with this soundtrack!

Sonix has posted this up on his website and so I am just sharing what he has posted up, if you are seeking the soundtrack to this awesome game, look no further, below you will see a tracklist to the soundtrack and a link to Sonix’s website where you can find mirror links to download the OST


01 The Fate of the Galaxy 1:19
02 Leaving Earth 2:02
03 Mars 4:40
04 A Cerberus Agent 1:46
05 The View of Palaven 3:34
06 A Future for the Krogan 3:29
07 Surkesh 2:27
08 The Ardat Yakshi 3:19
09 Rannoch 3:06
10 I’m Sorry 2:35
11 The Cerberus Plot 3:48
12 The Scientists 2:48
13 Aralakh Company 3:26
14 Prothean Beacon 3:20
15 Defeat 3:17
16 Reaper Chase 2:02
17 Stand Strong, Stand Together 1:53
18 I was Lost Without You 2:33
19 The Fleets Arrive 1:41
20 We Face Our Enemy Together 1:39
21 I’m Proud Of You 1:16
22 An End, Once and For All 2:52
23 Credits 4:06
24 Betrayal 2:52
25 Creation 2:14

Disc length 68:04

Click this link to go directly to Sonix’s site where the links are to download this –

Like all his files, this OST is password protected, if you want the password but can’t find it on the website, here it is – sonixgvn

Thanks to Sonix for posting this up and enjoy the soundtrack!

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