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WWE Over The Limit 2012 Results



Over The Limit 2012

May 20th



Pre-match – Zack Ryder vs Kane

Winner – Kane

Match 1 – People Power Battle Royale (Winner decides to fight for US Title or IC Title)

Winner – Christian

Match 2 – Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (Tag Titles)

Winner – Kofi & R-Truth

Match 3 – Layla vs Beth Phoenix (Divas Title)

Winner – Layla

Match 4 – Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio vs Chris Jericho (World Heavyweight Title)

Winner – Sheamus

Match 5 – Brodus Clay vs The Miz

Winner – Brodus Clay

Match 6 – Cody Rhodes vs Christian (IC Title)

Winner – Christian

Match 7 – CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan (WWE Title)

Winner – CM Punk

Match 8 – Camacho vs Ryback

Winner – Ryback

Match 9 – John Cena vs John Laurinaitis (If Laurinitis loses, he is fired)

Winner – John Laurinitis (With help from the Big Show)


Overall – This PPV has plenty of highs and plenty of lows, the best match of the night was CM Punk against Daniel Bryan match, that was just fantastic! The Cena/Laurinitis match was more of a comedy show than an actual wrestling match so try not to treat it seriously, this might be setting up Cena vs Big Show at No Way Out next month when he helped Laurinitis win his match….

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