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WWE Raw 1000th Episode Results


WWE RAW 1000th Episode Special

Monday 23rd July 2012



Match 1 – Sheamus & Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler & Del Rio

Winner – Team Sheamus

Match 2 – Jack Swagger vs Brodus Clay

Winner – Brodus Clay

Match 3 – Christian vs The Miz (Intercontinental Title match)

Winner – The Miz

Match 4 – Heath Slater vs Lita (And pretty much every other legend he faced over the past several weeks, No DQ and No Count-out)

Winner – Lita

Match 5 – CM Punk vs John Cena (WWE Title)

Winner – John Cena via DQ (Punk retains title)


Overall – This was quite a action packed special show, the matches didn’t really do much for the show but I think it was a very good show, so many superstars from past and present turned up from the DX reunion (All members except Chyna) to all the legends that Heath Slater fought, to AJ/Daniel’s wedding going down in flames with AJ turning out to be the next GM of RAW, The Rock returning and announcing that he will be facing the WWE champion at next year’s Royal Rumble PPV for the title and even the Undertaker returning to help Kane and having a Brothers of Destruction reunion.

Also RAW has had a new arena set-up and theme song so looks like RAW has changed almost completely, no longer a SuperShow (Thank god!), HHH and Brock Lesnar’s match at SummerSlam is now official so thats another match to the PPV. There was no Stone Cold sadly as he was apparently recovering from surgery so get well soon Steve Austin, also John Cena was the first superstar to have cashed in Money in the Bank and lost it via Big Show attacking him and then we have a possible CM Punk heel turn after he attacked The Rock after his match with Cena, alot went on in this week’s show, from this week onwards, RAW will now become a 3 hour show, let’s hope WWE know what they are doing with all this….

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