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TNA No Surrender 2012 Results



No Surrender 2012

Sunday 9th September



Match 1 – Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe (BFG Semi Finals)

Winner – Jeff Hardy

Match 2 – Bully Ray vs James Storm (BFG Semi Finals)

Winner – Bully Ray

Match 3 – Miss Tessmacher vs Tara (Knockouts title)

Winner – Tessmacher

Match 4 – Zema Ion vs Sanjay Dutt (X Division Title)

Winner – Zema Ion

Match 5 – Rob Van Dam vs Magnus

Winner – Rob Van Dam

Match 6 – Daniels & Kazarian vs AJ Styles & Kurt Angle (TNA Tag Titles)

Winner – Daniels & Kaz

Match 7 – Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy (BFG Finals)

Winner – Jeff Hardy


Overall – Not a bad PPV to be honest, some good matches with plenty of slow starts to them, it’s surprised me that Jeff Hardy won the Bound for Glory series, I was expecting  Bully Ray or James Storm to win it but we will see how this plays out with the build up to Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries at Bound For Glory PPV next month

In terms of the plot with Aces & Eights, I’m getting really bored of it, been going for ages and I just hope they are revealed at the BFG PPV coz this is starting to drag itself


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