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Jerry “The King” Lawler suffers heart attack during RAW (UPDATE)


WWE superstar, Hall of Famer and commentator, Jerry “The King” Lawler, he suffered a heart attack during WWE Raw last night.
He was taken away and taken to the hospital leaving fellow commentator, Michael Cole, to finish the show off on his own, his family and the WWE admitted to what happened and last reports I read up, he is in a steady condition and breathing on his own now, which is always good to hear at least
Hall of Famer, Jim Ross, said that one reason this could’ve happened is possibility of block arteries but we won’t know for certain until the hospital gives full details on his condition, we all pray for his health and to have a good and speedy recovery!
(#PrayForLawler is trending on Twitter if you want to contribute to Jerry Lawler’s recovery)


UPDATE – A new update has arrived not long ago about the condition of Jerry Lawler, his ex-wife mentioned that he is “Heavily sedated”  and has said that it is clogged arteries, he is in for a Angioplasty which involves blowing a little balloon inside him to open up his blocked up arteries and then inserting some mesh tubing to keep them open, sounds complex.

Jim Ross has said on twitter not too long ago that “Lots of speculation re: my dear friend @JerryLawler. He’s stable & being expertly cared for in Montreal following heart attack. Stable=good”

At least his health is being taken care of and is in good hands, I doubt he will return to WWE soon, again, praying for his health and good recovery!

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