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Jerry Lawler heart attack update


This photo is of Jerry Lawler in the hospital a few days ago, he is recovering well from what doctors have been saying, he was last tested for any brain damage after his heart attack during WWE Raw on monday, lucky there was no damage to his brain whatsoever.

From reports that I’ve read up, Jerry did complain about his chest pains a few days before Raw came on air, although from what the doctors have said, Jerry is physically fit for his age, just that heart attacks can happen to anyone no matter how fit you are, Lawler stays active most of the time and never has drugs, cigarettes or alcohol the doctors said

His children gave a note that Jerry will be able to return to the WWE and maybe even wrestle again, even his doctors said the same thing, on thursday, Jerry started walking for the first time since the heart attack but was said that he has trouble remembering things although the doctors said that his memory will return overtime as his sedative wears off (He was heavily sedated on monday and tuesday), his family and friends are pleased with his progress of recovery and I’m sure everyone else is

Jerry Lawler was thankful for the support everyone has been giving him, he even posted up a TOUT about it (To which I haven’t watch yet, sorry), Jerry could be released from hospital as early as this weekend, let’s hope so, keep recovering Jerry!

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