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TNA Bound for Glory 2012 Results



Bound for Glory 2012

Sunday October 14th



Match 1 – Zema Ion vs Rob Van Dam (X Division Title)

Winner – Rob Van Dam

Match 2 – Magnus vs Samoa Joe (TV Title)

Winner – Samoa Joe

Match 3 – Bobby Roode vs James Storm (Street Fight with MMA star King Mo as enforcer)

Winner – James Storm

Match 4 – Joey Ryan vs Al Snow (Joey gets contract if he wins)

Winner – Joey Ryan (With help from returning Matt Morgan, yes you heard right)

Match 5 – Daniels & Kazarian vs AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (TNA Tag Titles)

Winner – Chavo & Hernandez

Match 6 – Miss Tessmacher vs Tara (Knockout Title)

Winner – Tara

Match 7 – Aces & Eights vs Sting & Bully Ray (No DQ, If A&E wins, they gain full access to TNA, lose and they are gone for good)

Winner – Aces & Eights

Match 8 – Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy (TNA World Title)

Winner – Jeff Hardy


Overall – This wasn’t a great Bound for Glory, it was good don’t get me wrong, had many ups and downs and the occasional surprise such as Matt Morgan’s return and the weird unmasking of Devon as part of Aces & Eights, certainly a head-scratcher and some of the title changes also didn’t mean much but TNA is known to work in weird ways, just have to wait and see how everything plays out, especially with Aces & Eights winning their match and gaining full access to the company….

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