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My fan fiction – Just Cause: Blood of Panau

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

My upcoming fan fiction has finally got underway after I finished with a rough wallpaper poster of the fan fic, me and a friend of mine are making.

The fan fiction is a cross-over, it mixes two games together into one story with a twist, the story is called Just Cause: Blood of Panau, it’s based on the Just Cause 2 storyline but with a twist of WET characters and story blending.

Here is a guideline to what the story is about, Rubi, after the events of WET, was about to take things easy when she gets one final mission with enough cash to last her many years without work, the mission was the help out a agent who is working undercover. The mission was to help this undercover agent kill the president of Panau (A sort of fictional africa), the agent just had a nickname that he goes by, The Scorpion or Scorpio, but some of the people that Rubi though she killed, during her last mission, has returned and teamed up with the president of Panau in order to full conquer the entire country.

The reason for the name, Blood of Panau, in the game WET, the actual word WET is a term for blood and since the story is set in the fictional country, Panau, it will make sense when you give it a good think through.

As I said before, I have finished with the wallpaper poster, although it shows Rico from Just Cause 1, the story is based on the second game but this is just a rough poster so it won’t be the final product for the story.



Final Destiny Spoiler

May 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Don’t read further down if you don’t want to know what will happen in the fan fiction!


After some careful planning, I have decided that the legends (Sun Tzu, Julius Ceasar, Beowulf, Achilies, Leoniads, Alexander The Great, Genghis Khan and King Aurther) will be split in half, half will join Orochi’s forces and the other half with the alliance.

The ones who will join Orochi are Ceasar, Genghis Khan, Achilies and Alexander. While the others join with the resistence forces.

Also, we will be cutting the three kingdoms and samurai warrior casts in half, there will be too many characters if everyone was added.
On who stays and who goes will be decided later once we got a good foot-hold on where we are going with this.

One final note, the armies of the three kingdoms, Wei, Wu and Shu will be joining Orochi’s forces due to Da Ji and Himiko’s magic.

If you have been looking up the character lists in the facebook page of the fan fiction, we have announced that Lu Yue, son of Lu Bu and Diao Chan will be the leading character in the novel.
The two writers both have decided on a main character from each roster, Jeremy’s characters are more samurai warriors based and mine are more dynasty warriors based.
Jeremy decided to kill his main character during the novel making my character the leading role.

Update on the new Orochi

May 10, 2010 Leave a comment

We have added a new Orochi to this fan fiction, God Orochi, this will be his final incarnation and we have yet to have any designs since none of us can draw.

But we have managed to plan out some of his features:

  • Demonic Infernal Armour
  • Twin Scythes: Agony & Oblivion
  • Darker skin than usual
  • Has a “Akuma no me” or Demon Eye, this grants the ability of foresight although it’s not not 100% accurate and gets less accurate the further he sees into the future
  • Still on the rough note is that God Orochi has like “Dark Tempest Wings”, this has yet to be decided on

We will update when he have more information to put in the fan fic.

(If anyone is good at drawing and would like to be credited in our fan fic, please let me know!)

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WO:FD novel fan page

May 1, 2010 1 comment

We have made a Warriors Orochi: Final Destiny story fan page on Facebook, if you are interested, please join it and you will get updates on the progression of the novel along with pictures of possible characters and so on.

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Warriors Orochi Fan Fiction

April 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Me and a friend of mine are currently planning a fan fic of Warriors Orochi.

This novel will be based after the event of WO2, this 3rd Orochi invasion will be Orochi’s last chance.

This story is called Warriors Orochi: Final Destiny, new characters will be introduced and more legends will be involved in the fight against Orochi. (This will be a fiction story, the new additions to the fan fic are all made up and not based on real characters)

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