Chaos Rings Review

Chaos Rings Title Screen

Game: Chaos Rings

Console: iPhone/iTouch/iPad

Producer: Square-ENIX

Developer: Media Vision


Chaos Rings is a RPG by Square-ENIX and as you can expect, it’s very similar to Final Fantasy in terms of themes but its also very unique in it’s own way…..

The battle system is different to that of FF, this new system allows Solo or Pair commands, since you can only use 2 characters per story, you have the option to attack one person at a time or attack with both party members at the same time. Pair and Solo both have their advantages and disadvantages:

Solo Hints:

  • Both characters can attack different targets
  • Can be better strategy, one could focus on physical while the other uses magic
  • Enemies has to choose who to attack

Pair Hints:

  • Both work as a unit and can attack the same enemy for more damage and higher critical rate
  • Enemy attack hurt both characters which is the main downside
  • When paired, both stats combine and effects all actions
  • When using magic, both share their cost of MP so if one has 0 MP, spells can’t be used even though the other has loads

The most unique system to Chaos Rings is the GENE system, each character has a human gene (Warrior or Mage) and 3 empty genes so you can equip enemy DNA to your characters, giving your party members enemy abilities and moves. This can be very useful as each DNA contains passive, field and battle skills, each gene has it’s pros and cons depending on the character you equip. To gain a gene of the enemy, simply defeat them, to gain more of their DNA, you have to beat more of them, the higher the level of the enemy, the more chance of gaining the DNA.

The element system in Chaos Rings is quite different to your average FF game. How it works is that you have 2 ways to use elements: Use ATTACH magic to make a target become a specific element or simply use a elemental spell makes the caster become that specific element. To make the most of the elements is to use SOLO, make one use a ATTACH spell and the other uses a element spell of the opposite element for maximum damage on the first turn.

There are 4 types of elements: Normal, Blaze, Water and Gale. Normal has no strength and no weakness but here is how the elements weakness works:

Blaze > Gale > Water > Blaze

When you hit an enemy with the correct spell, WEAK appears and the damage counter goes bright red, there is also a chance to cause a BLOWOUT, which means instant death if you cast the right element against the right enemy regardless of element attachment.

The puzzles in Chaos Rings differ per area you visit which keeps it interesting, one puzzle could have you pushing blocks, the next could have you lighting torches in a pattern and so on. You have to complete them within a certain amount of moves before you have to start again, they aren’t too difficult but can scratch a few heads on the first go or two.

The game offers many secrets as well as good boss battles and loads of playability values including unlockable stories and playable characters, each story has multiple endings and you can choose the difficulty of each area you visit (E.G Level 1-10, 11-20, etc), you can probably complete the game in just several hours but it provides loads of fun regardless.


The game offers hours of fun and there is plenty to look forward to, regardless of it being expensive, its well worth the money if you can spare it, alot of time and effort was put into this game and there is very little downsides, there is still things to do even after you complete the game.


Expensive but possibly the best game iPod will EVER have!


  1. Blogstalker
    May 16, 2010 at 15:23

    I found your review spot on! I thought the price was a little hefty, but out of all of my games on my iPod, I play it the most so it was worth it for me. Besides I like the fact that you can carry over your stats after beating it once and starting over. Makes that 91-100 level selection a lot easier. 🙂

    • May 16, 2010 at 16:19

      Thank you for the comment! ^_^
      I could complete this game several times and I wouldn’t find it boring, even though my characters hit max level, there is just something about the system that makes you want to keep playing it.
      The secret bosses and unlockable storylines just keep this game interesting.

  2. IP
    September 28, 2010 at 05:20

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