Chaos Rings Hints & Tips

Here is a couple of hints and tips to make Chaos Rings just that little bit more easy:

  • In order to unlock the other groups in the game, you must first witness both endings to at least 1 group, then on the character select screen, touch left or right arrows to move to the other 2 couples

(NOTE: You CAN’T play as the knights, Garrick and Alto)

  • When starting a fight, if you have the first go or have a advantage (In other words, a free turn), either go for a PAIR attack or do the combo of ATTACH + opposing magic to maximize damage on the first turn, this could decide the fight from the get-go

(NOTE: Keep an look out on the Warrior and Mage GENEs, one of the Warrior GENE skills is the always perform a critical hit on the first turn and one of the Mage GENE skills is to improve the damage of criticals so PAIR damage at the start will deal tremendous damage!)

  • Equip GENEs that only suitable for that specific Human GENE, example, Warrior GENE is a good combo with, lets say, Dragon GENE or Tiger GENE, also Mouse GENE due to it’s increase in Max HP per level to keep the Warrior a tank-type with tons of HP!
  • Once you finished a stage, if you have a GENE that has “Encounter” field skill, return to the stage you just completed, touch the ENC button and it will have a X icon over it, this means that no random fights will happen, even at difficulties higher than your current level, so you can freely explore the stage and getting all the chests without trouble

(NOTE: It doesn’t work if you haven’t defeated the bosses of the stage yet)

  • If you think your powerful enough, go for the higher level difficulties, the difference in enemy status is not great at all but the EXP makes all the difference between slow and fast leveling, in fact, at level 50 or 60, you could possibly take on level 80 or even level 90 monsters if your well equipped enough
  • ALWAYS visit the shop after completing each stage as there is always new goods to purchase even after the game is completed, and don’t forget to sell any unwanted items, like me, I never use the ATTACH potions
  • Try and find as many Piu-Piu related items as possible, they are good for easy OZ earnings
  • If your curious at all, yes, you CAN fight Piu-Piu, but this requires you to do everything else with a couple’s story, including defeating the Quaila. Once you done that, go through each stage and notice you will find large stones with black circles where the bosses used to be, beat all of them and then return to Piu-Piu and touch “Talk”

(NOTE: Piu-Piu is a level 100 boss and revives once after defeating him so expect a LONG fight so be well prepared first and SAVE before talking to him)

  • Once you have done a puzzle room, you don’t have to do it again for that specific couple which should ease your mind a little

I hope this helped anyone who is stuck on the game, if you are still unsure, don’t hesitate to post a comment and I’ll get right back to you!

  1. Aaron Anderson
    November 2, 2011 at 17:54

    Question… On my first run through the game at one point I was able to buy Power Seeds from Piu-Piu. Now on my second time through the game I have unlocked all the levels but I am still not able to buy Power Seeds fom him. To I have to attain a certain level or point in the game before I can buy them from him?

  2. condinho
    October 13, 2012 at 21:53

    if one character has the *Mouse Genes HP Boost +10 HP on Level Up* equipped, will only that character get that bonus? or will both get it?

  3. Jolrael
    November 25, 2012 at 03:54

    whats the best combination of GENES for both Warrior and Mage? i already mastered all genes and i cants seem to find the perfect combination.

  4. The_Violist
    December 29, 2012 at 01:19

    How do i earn human warrior/mage abilities?
    Also, how can i gain more abilities? I like the “mowe” move, and i’ve defeated afew monsters that had it, but i have no idea how to gain it myself.

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