Mortal Kombat 9 Review


Game: Mortal Kombat 9

Console: Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Companies: NetherRealm Studios, Warner Bros. Interactive


“I challenge you to Mortal Kombat”

The famous, ultra-violent fighting game, Mortal Kombat has returned and it’s back with a vengeance as this title got released nearly 6 years after MK: Armageddon, 6 YEARS!!! And boy are they back with a new attitude, here….let me explain…..

The new addition to the MK series is completely re-vamped from the combat to the system and even the characters but it still maintains it’s originality and loyal to the original games as the guys behind the series are laying all the cards on the table and let me tell you, it’s worked and worked well.

Story Plot

The story plot to Mortal Kombat 9 takes place at the end of Armageddon, evil Raiden faces Shao Kahn for the final time in what seems to be the final Mortal Kombat battle to determine the fate of everything but before the fight is decided, Raiden throws a last, desperate, trick. During the fight, his medallion was shattered as it hit the ground, Raiden used the shattered pieces and put some of his energy into them and sends it into the past.

The next time, we find ourselves back to the start of the 9th Mortal Kombat tournament (The first MK game), Raiden in that time got images of what will happen in the future if it turns out how it normally turns out. So Raiden decides to change the past in order to save the future, but it’s never that easy, then again…. Nothing ever is….

New Features

There are a few new features to this new addition to the series, most of which is the combat system itself, it’s been re-vamped and polished so it’s now even easier to pull off quick and deadly “Kombos”, experts of this game can easily pull off kombos that could take off about 40 to 50% of their opponents health, mixture of ground, mid and air kombos aswell as ground and mid-air throws can lead to some devastating kombinations.

Another major feature is the X-Ray attacks, these attacks are only pulled off when you full up 3 bars of the, also new, kombat gauge, the first bar allows you to perform a single enhanced special move, 2 bars allow you to pull of a “Breaker” attack which most MK players should already know what it does but to those who don’t, Breakers allows you to stop an opponents kombo in mid-move and knocks them to the floor with some distance between them.

The 3rd and final bar filled will allow you to perform the new X-Ray attack, now these moves HURT and can easily turn the tide of most battles, the moves themselves have to actually hit in order for the serious damage to take place. All X-Rays attack can be avoided, some blocks, some dodged but some need some serious timing in order to avoid but all X-Ray attacks are awesome to watch but also makes you cringe at the bones breaking or organs shattering and the fact it actually shows the injuries taking place is a very nice feature.

Tag Team Kombat is a nice new addition too, allowing 2 vs 2 in tag team rules, each character also has unique tag team kombos that allows one character to switch to another during mid-kombos making it easy to keep the opponent at bay, you can have a VS tag team with a friend, online to even doing Tag Team Ladder mode. Even with this tag team feature, the creators keep the original MK concept into this feature which make it all the more fantastic!

New Modes

There are a fair few new modes to Mortal Kombat 9, apart from Story Mode which deals about Raiden changing the past and future of Mortal Kombat to save all the realms from destruction. One of the major new modes is the Challenge Tower in which you progress through a massive tower of challenges, from standard fighting to side modes and even some unique types of play, there are 300 levels to progress through in Challenge Tower and let me tell you, it’s no easy feat to complete.

Another new mode is actually a few new additions to a classic, the Test Your Might mode got some new friends to the MK family, Test Your Sight, Test Your Strike and Test Your Luck.

Test Your Sight is basically how good is you can keep up with the “Ball in the cup” trick, harder the difficulty, the faster the cups will move.

Test Your Strike is more like a precision strike, unlike Might mode, in Strike you have to bash the buttons and keep it at a certain area until the bar turns green and then you strike, it’s a fair bit harder than the original Might mode

Test Your Luck is quite different, you start off in a standard MK match but then you have these number of reels that spin and pick things at random to change the standard match into a heavily altered special effect match. The first reel that stops is always picking your opponent, the rest of the reels (You can pick from 2 to 7 reels) pick out random effects that are in effect for all of the match. There are over 30 different effects and it can happen to you or/and your opponent, there are many positive and negative effects that can swing the match in any direction. Personally, I love this mode, it’s a great test of skill and it’s in general it’s a fun mode, you might even get lucky in this mode by getting the dragon coins in each of the reels, winning the match with these coins in action will give you good coin to spend on the Krypt

Speaking of The Krypt, they re-vamped the Mortal Kombat “Shop” so to say, rather than just one big area, they split it into 4 section, each with a different theme to it. One thing you have to remember in The Krypt is this, DON’T stop moving the camera, staying still for a minute or two will led to the Krypt Keeper to pop up and scream at you for a few seconds and then disappear, I think this will added to scare the player into not being idle, gave me a nasty shock at first, watching this 2D paper cut version of a monster pop up infront of me and giving me a fright.

Downloadable Content

There has been numerous DLCs been announced both officially and rumoured by both company and through word of mouth, these DLCs could be more characters, costumes and even more stages but here are some of the DLCs:

  1. Kenshi as playable character
  2. Lady in Red (She was a rumoured red ninja in MK II and will now be a playable character in this one)
  3. Rain (Rumoured)
  4. Tanya (Rumoured)
  5. Frost (Rumoured)
  6. Mavado (Rumoured)
  7. Cyber Smoke (Mentioned on Ed Boon’s Twitter)
  8. Shinnok (Mention on Ed Boon’s Twitter)
  • Best looking Mortal Kombat in the entire series
  • Story mode worked very well
  • Keeping the original theme while everything was re-vamped
  • X-Ray attacks are a nice feature
  • Plenty of stuff to keep you going for ages
  • Big reduce in characters might upset some fans
  • Story mode might be too hard for some players
  • Xbox 360 owners might dislike the fact that they have no exclusive character
  • Story mode leaves open to a sequel but this one could be just a little bit longer, perhaps 20 chapters instead of 17
Ziedrich’s Blog Rating – 9/10
Mortal Kombat is back after a 6 year absence and it proves that it’s still a fighting game worth noticing after these long years from the very first Mortal Kombat, this game offers alot and it always delivers everytime, this is by far the best Mortal Kombat game in the entire series!
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