Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll Review

Game – Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll

Console – Playstation 3 only

Companies – Omega Force, Tecmo Koei



On the continent of Vyashion, two forces have always fought fiercely against each other. One an empire located to the north called Dyneskal and the other the Kingdom of Rostorl, located in the south.

Using a revolt caused by Balor (The emperor of Dyneskal) to its advantage, the former king of Rostorl ordered an attack on the south-eastern part of Dyneskal.

Rostorl’s attack failed and the skirmish ended with the Dyneskal forces victorious. Due to this loss, the current rulers of Rostorl (King Selmonoe and Queen Eris) put themselves on constant alert regarding any possible retaliation made by the Dyneskal Empire.

During all his time in power, the emperor of Dyneskal, Balor, has constantly been plotting the unification of the whole Vyashion continent. Following his malevolent scheme, each force on the continent has been monitoring Dyneskal’s every move in great anxiety


This is a surprising game from Omega Force, we are more used to them making the famous Dynasty Warriors series, the company have gone more for a fantasy action RPG than a hack n slash game and I must admit, it’s not just the theme that is surprising, the actual game itself can be surprising.

First things first, you start off playing as the hero of the game, Areus, a halfling born in a time of war, after seeing his father die by the evil lord, Balor, Areus swears revenge and it leads him on a quest to find himself and his true purpose in all this, he later meets fellow team members, Dagda, a Boldan warriors and Selene, a Darkenith. Each character has their unique traits, Areus is a balanced swordsman with a fair few spells, Boldan is more the tank of the group and able to use pillars and the like to his advantage to cause big damage and Selene is more the sort of assassin, she can double jump to reach hard to reach areas and is a fast striker.

The system itself is a very simple system, you could master the controls within an hour, in terms of the combat, you basically kill enemies to earn EXP and skill points to level up your characters and power up their battle and passive skills, you might also find potions to give you skill points incase your a little short from a upgrade. The battle itself can be a little blocky as the character don’t fully fight with fluid motion but nevertheless, the actual fighting is surprisingly fast-paced and fun.

The graphics aren’t the best but they are still good on average, it’s very colourful, characters are vibrant and if anyone notices the sides and corners are a little blurry, that is supposed to be like that, its what I like to call the “Parchment” effect as it looks like classical writing paper from the Victorian times, this gives the game a nice feel to it and it’s in your face so it’s never too distracting. The main characters are nicely detailed and so does their outfits making them easy to tell apart.

Trinity is also surprisingly challenging at times, but this can easily be balanced out with returns to visited areas and even taking a shot at the Arena (If you have the gold to spend on competing that is), Arena is good for more than just EXP and skill point earning, you also gain items to help out in future fights (Although the items capacities themselves are limited so be sure to save up some room by selling) but you can’t take the entire party to the arena at first due to reasoning so try not take the cup finals without a party member or when your higher level than it’s requirements.

There are plenty of sub-bosses and “special” monsters to face giving the game plenty of variety and with the choice of taking side quests from an adventure’s guild in each city you visit and each one never has the same mission to take so you can’t just visit one place to take all missions at once and the same could be said for each of the shops too.


When you gain a full party, you can start to perform special attacks called Trinity Attack, in which all 3 character focus their attack in one area, causing a shockwave of energy, this induces major damage to any enemy in the area of the shockwave and any enemy killed from the attack drops more EXP and skill points than normal and not only that but the souls collected also heal the characters so use this attack after when its available. When facing a boss, sub-boss and special monster which is near death, doing a Trinity Attack finishes them off by performing a special version of the move, the effects during that attack is quite dynamic but the moves themselves aren’t very impressive, almost look like basic attacks but the finishing move done by the third person.

One thing I’m annoyed at is the constant flooding of text boxes during cut-scenes, in which, none of them have voice acting as the words appear making them more dull and the voice acting during the video scenes aren’t great and most of the personalities of the character don’t suit the situation at times.

In terms of character abilities, there is plenty of moves and passive abilities to each character (Aswell as NPCs too that can join your party from time to time, they are unique too), each character has 6 attack slots, 3 slot and another 3 when you hold a shoulder button and press the same attack buttons, some passive abilities can allow you to chain moves for devastating combos and keeping enemies at bay, this is a good way to attack crowds of enemies. There is also multiple combat styles for each character, these are called Soul Forms, you earn them as you progress through the story, some can be pure close combat, some are more magic orientated, etc. You can mix and match slots from multiple souls to keep your attacks varied, each move can be upgraded 3 times, each time requiring a high increase in skill points per upgrade, most moves are quite dynamic with some great special effects.

The AI is questionable, the other party members aren’t exactly intelligent, they are aware of their special abilities but won’t use them half the time, Selene does do her double jumps when enemies are on ledges but Dagda very rarely picks up any fallen pillars and use them, you have to literally take possessing of him and pick it up yourself and switch back in order for the computer to accept it and use it.

The game doesn’t get interesting and difficult until after chapter 1, that is basically a tutorial when enemies aren’t plenty and missions are done in mere minutes, once you hit chapter 2, the game starts to get enjoyable and it’s enemies aplenty and more to do also so just be patient when starting a new game and it will reward your patience with more fun and enjoyment!



  • Controls are easy to understand
  • Colourful graphics
  • Plenty of variety and loads to do with the Arena and side missions
  • Good special effects
  • The parchment effect gives a nice touch to the fantasy feel
  • Enjoyable most times
  • Some battles are fast-paced and fun


  • Voice acting isn’t great
  • AI not that good
  • Story can be predictable
  • The endless text boxes, ARGH!
  • Combat can be a little blocky at times
  • Most boss battles aren’t difficult to beat


Ziedrich’s Blog Rating – 7.5/10


If you can see past the boring text cut-scenes and the several other areas, this is a surprising fun fantasy game which won’t take mere hours to complete due to all the side-missions and arena fights, it’s not the best Action RPG out there but it’s not the worst either, you will need alot of patience to enjoy this game properly, to some players, it’s worth the wait but it’s not for everything I am certain of that.

One thing is for certain, you will be surprised that the creators of Dynasty Warriors actually made this game, it will raise a few eye-brows, good work Omega Force, a fantasy Action RPG that actually works!


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