Warriors Orochi 3 Review


Game – Warriors Orochi 3 (Musou Orochi 2)

Company – Tecmo Koei, Omega Force (ω-Force)

Console – Playstation 3, Xbox 360




Several years after the death of Orochi during his second invasion of the human world, peace was thought to have finally settled with many warlords and mighty warriors able to relax and hope to never have such an enemy ever again….. This was short lived however as a massive multiple headed Hydra appears, it warps the worlds once again and even worse state than ever!

The warriors were unable to defeat the Hydra and only a handful of them survived and just went all hope seemed lost…. A lone mystic woman appears and tells them that she can control time and that with her help, the last remaining warriors can travel into the past to restore manpower and wield an army strong enough to defeat the Hydra.

But there is more to this than meets the eye….

Warriors Orochi 3 (Musou Orochi 2 in Japan) is set several years after the events of Warriors Orochi 2 and the enemy is back with a serious grudge on the humans, the appearance of the Hydra has warped the world even more than before, not only has characters from the popular Samurai and Dynasty series increased in size but now characters from other Tecmo Koei games has arrived to take down the monster serpent.

These characters come from several games, Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, Bladestorm, Warrior: Legends of Troy and Trinity Zill O’ll Zero, each game brings one guest character to the game which gives Warriors Orochi 3, more variety in the roster, these lot and all the new characters from the Dynasty, Samurai and Orochi series brings the total number of characters in the Warriors Orochi 3 roster to a massive 132 playable characters!

Like any Warriors Orochi game, you can pick a team of 3 characters so you can still make your dream team and with the new guest characters added to the list, it’s mixing and matching to the max and even more dream teams can be made. Although some people would be put off with the massive number of playables, since there have been very few games with character listings this huge (Mortal Kombat being one).


Graphically, Warriors Orochi 3 is about as detailed as Dynasty Warriors 7, it’s not perfect but it’s still very nice looking, if you aren’t that bothered about greatly detailed graphics on a game then you shouldn’t judge this by pure looks, to add to the graphic detail, the speed of the game is been given a serious boost. Since the game is more towards the supernatural than on real history and realism, Warriors Orochi 3 has been given a shot of speed, the attack speeds of most of the characters have shot up big time, it’s great for fast paced action and you will need to with the mass amount of enemies to defeat in the game!

The gameplay, other than the speed of the game, is just as colourful as the previous Warriors Orochi games, with characters of many walks of life, there is a bit of something for everyone. As how the game system actually goes, you can pick a team of 3 characters which you can switch at any time during gameplay, each character has a health and musou bar, the musou bar is pretty much your special bar, as you use special moves and musou attacks drains the musou bar which you can refill by passive abilities, musou wines or by switching characters, any inactive team members restores both musou and health bar so it is always a good idea to switch if one of your team is low on health.

A new addition to WO3 is this third light blue bar under the character’s portrait, this is the Triple Attack bar, this is filled via attacking and defeating enemies, once full, you can engage a Triple Musou Attack with the other 2 team members, this allows all 3 characters to attack at once, all enemies slow down and each one glows blue when hit, once the bar is empty, all 3 characters will form a triangle and then perform one final strike before releasing a shockwave which, if any are killed during this assault, will be forced to drop Gems/Crystals, which is the game’s currency in the camp’s weapon and party stalls.

To those familiar to the Warriors Orochi series would remember the different categories for each character, Speed, Power and Technique, but in the third game of the series, there is now a fourth category, Wonder, this is more of those with actual super powers or smart minds like Zhuge Liang and Taigong Wang. Some characters have changed categories since the second game, some might be surprising, more might have changed for the better, all depends on how you see them.

Like every Warriors game, you have a battle map to prepare your team for battle, you can check your character’s stats, equip them, see where everyone is and to set yourself side objectives from fellow warriors, these side quests allow you to grant better bonds with the other characters which could profit with bonus weapons and better team work when put together in the same team (Such as auto-counter when attacked). To those who have play Dynasty Warriors 7, before each battle, you have a chance to explore your camp, talk to people and purchase equipment, you could unlock new things from talking to other characters and raising each character’s bonds.


The soundtrack to Warriors Orochi 3 is the same as it was in the first 2 games, a mixture of rock and techno music, although this time, the music is quite short compared to the other game’s OSTs, although they try to make up for it by adding classic tunes from the previous Dynasty and Samurai Warriors games. The actual WO3 music itself doesn’t have the right theme for it in some stages unlike the others, doesn’t have that adrenaline rush feeling such as the popular WO tune, Samurai Scanners, WO3 is more focused towards the classical theme such as violins and opera singers during the final levels of the game.

Game Modes

There are a few modes that most Warriors fans will notice right away and one or two things that are new to them, for starters, you have the usual Options mode which you can change sound, display and even allow 3D mode if you have a TV that supports it.

The next lot of modes is Story mode, which you experience the whole story of Warriors Orochi 3 unfold, the good thing about the story of the game is that it’s the most involving, engrossing and entertaining of the 3 WO games, there are plenty of plot twists and many levels to complete which is what most Warriors games tend to suffer from.

Free mode is like Story mode but without the story basically, what levels you unlock during story mode, you can play in free mode without all the story plot getting too much in the way of the gameplay. The plus side to both Free and Story modes is that they now allow online capabilities, so you can now play the game with other friends from around the world so no split screen which co-oping which is always a good thing, although there are a few glitches in the system most know too often in many online possible games

There is the Gallery mode to which anything you unlock like characters, weapons, costumes and movies, can be views in this mode, also you can use character and special wallpapers to view at each loading screen

A new addition to the series is called Musou Battlefields, this is quite a new experience to everyone, hardcore and new players, this is basically an EDIT level mode, you pick a stage and you are given a certain amount of edit points to change the level, like what characters are added or changed to, what types of troops are involved in the level, what soundtrack should be played, etc. It can be quite involving and could take up many hours of level altering, once a level is done, you can test it and save it and when you think your happy with the new edited level, you can send it online so that other players from around the world can download and try out your altered level and rate it!

Good/Bad Points

Good Points

  • The storyplot is the most entertaining and engrossing of the entire Warriors Orochi series
  • Loads of levels and multiple endings give the game plenty of variety
  • The guest characters is a nice addition to the series
  • The increase in game speed means no slow paced and boring battles
  • The Musou Battlefields Mode is a nice and creative addition
  • One of very few cross-over game that actually works!
Bad Points
  • Regardless of online capabilities, it isn’t very practical
  • To those expecting a change from button bashing and repetitive nature will be disappointed as usual
  • It’s really one for the fans only
  • The soundtrack isn’t as great as previous Orochi games
  • The vast amount of characters can be a bit overwhelming 
  • Only one guest character from each of the other TK games may lead some fans disappointed
  • The voice acting is in Japanese only with English subtitles which have been known to put some people off
Overall, Warriors Orochi 3 is, in my personal opinion, the BEST game of the Warriors Orochi series. An engrossing story, plenty of variety and more online involvement makes this game quite enjoyable, if you can see past the few glitches of online co-op, it can be very fun multiplayer since you can your friend can pick different teams of 3. The music and japanese voices only shouldn’t really be much of a problem since the voices come with subtitles and classic Warriors music. 
People and most expert reviews will, as usual, try to put this like any other Warriors games, drag it to the ground but again, this is for the fans to decide and for me, this is worth playing, Tecmo Koei really have thought long and hard to make this a great game and it has paid off, good work guys!
Ziedrich’s Blog Score – 8.5/10 
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