Dynasty Warriors Songs


I’ve always loved the music in all the Dynasty Warriors games from the second to the most recent seventh one, there are loads of songs to choose from, there is roughly about 250+ songs in the entire DW music listings so choice is hard to picking the top ten DW songs of my choosing and here they are!


Number 10 – EVE (Dynasty Warriors 4)


Number 9 – AVENGING BATTLE (Dynasty Warriors 4)


Number 8 – MEN OF INTELLIGENCE (Dynasty Warriors 3)


Number 7 – SWORDSMAN IN THE PLAIN (Dynasty Warriors 5)


Number 6 – IGNITION (Dynasty Warriors 6)


Number 5 – GREAT RED SPIRIT (Dynasty Warriors 5)


Number 4 – JUMP INTO THE BATTLEFIELD (Dynasty Warriors 2)


Number 3 – ARENA (Dynasty Warriors 3)


Number 2 – CHASE THE WAVE (Dynasty Warriors 3)


Number 1 – LU BU’S THEME (Dynasty Warriors 7)


Some or maybe most may disagree with my list but this is just my opinion on what I consider to be great Dynasty Warriors music, as I said, it was a tough choice out of over 250 songs, believe me, it’s not that easy at all!


  1. Ben rooker
    August 15, 2011 at 17:10

    Men of intelligence and avenging battle are great! Really catch the drama of the battle! Great list mate 🙂

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