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WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Results

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Elimination Chamber 2013

February 17th



Pre show match – Brodus Clay & Tensai vs Rhodes Scholars

Winners – Clay & Tensai

Match 1 – Alberto Del Rio vs The Big Show (World Heavyweight Title)

Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Match 2 – Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz (US Title)

Winner – Cesaro

Match 3 – Randy Orton vs Kane vs Chris Jericho vs Daniel Bryan vs Jack Swagger vs Mark Henry (Smackdown Elimination Chamber, winner faces the World champion at WM29)

1# Mark Henry def Bryan

2# Mark Henry def Kane

3#Randy Orton def Mark Henry

4# Randy Orton def Jericho

5# Swagger def Orton

Winner – Jack Swagger

Match 4 – The Shield vs John Cena, Sheamus & Ryback (6 man tag)

Winners – The Shield

Match 5 – Dolph Ziggler vs Koft Kingston

Winner – Dolph Ziggler

Match 6 – Kaitlyn vs Tamina (Divas Title)

Winner – Kaitlyn

Match 7 – The Rock vs CM Punk (WWE Title, Rock loose title if he is counted out or DQ’d)

Winner – The Rock


Overall – I didn’t think that this was a good PPV, it had it’s moment but as a whole, it was okay, the second Rock/Punk match wasn’t as great as the first match back at the Royal Rumble and the fact that there was only one Elimination Chamber match really angered me a little

The 6 man tag was something different, The Shield winning was something I didn’t expected but liked it, Roman Reigns really shined in that match out of the 3 members of Shield, he truly showed potential and that big spear through the wall with Shemaus was painful to watch, it was almost like a Gore Gore Gore from Rhino, it just had so much power behind it!

Anyway, the chamber match that was shown was decent, Jack Swagger winning was something I was 50/50 about, I guess they would push him eventually since he almost wanted to quit WWE from lack of use of his talents as of late, let’s hope they actually give me some serious momentum towards WrestleMania against Del Rio….


WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Results

February 20, 2012 Leave a comment



Elimination Chamber 2012

19th February



Match 1 – C.M Punk vs Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston vs R-Truth (RAW Chamber match for WWE Title)

R-Truth eliminated by Punk

Ziggler eliminated by Jericho

Kingston eliminated by Jericho

Jericho unable to continue after being kicked at the back of the head by Punk

Miz eliminated by Punk

Winner – C.M Punk

Match 2 – Beth Phoenix vs Tamina Snuka (Divas Title)

Winner – Beth Phoenix

Match 3 – Daniel Bryan vs Big Show vs Great Khali vs Cody Rhodes vs Wade Barrett vs Santino (World Title Chamber Match)

Khali eliminated by Big Show

Big Show eliminated by Cody Rhodes

Rhodes eliminated by Santino

Wade Barrett eliminated by Santino

Santino eliminated by Bryan

Winner – Daniel Bryan

Match 4 – Jack Swagger vs Justin Gabriel (US Title)

Winner – Jack Swagger

Match 5 – John Cena vs Kane (Ambulance match)

Winner – John Cena


Overall – The two chamber matches were the best matches of the PPV, the Divas match was actually decent for a change but the other matches was just shambles, the Cena/Kane match didn’t really do much for me and fell flat, same for the US title match, if it weren’t for the chamber matches, this PPV would be just poor!


Elimination Chamber 2011 Results

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment


WWE Pay-Per-View

Elimination Chamber 2011

20th February



Match 1 – Kofi Kingston vs Alberto Del Rio

Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Match 2 – Smackdown’s Elimination Chamber Match (Edge vs Rey Mysterio vs Kane vs Drew McIntyre vs Wade Barrett vs Big Show)

Wade Barrett eliminated by Big Show

Big Show eliminated by Kane

Drew McIntyre eliminated by Kane

Kane eliminated by Edge

Rey Mysterio eliminated by Edge

Winner – Edge

Match 3 – Santino & Kozlov vs Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel (WWE Tag Team Titles)

Winner – Slater & Gabriel

Match 4 – The Miz vs Jerry “The King” Lawler (WWE Championship)

Winner – The Miz

Match 5 – Raw Elimination Chamber Match (Randy Orton vs John Cena vs John Morrison vs C.M Punk vs Sheamus vs R-Truth)

Punk eliminated by Orton but was later reinstated

Truth eliminated by Sheamus

Orton eliminated by Punk

Sheamus eliminated by Morrison

Morrison eliminated by Punk

Punk eliminated by Cena

Winner – John Cena


Overall – A pretty good PPV, the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match was just WOW while the Raw one was a decent one, most of the matches was pretty predictable but still good nevertheless. Even though I knew Jerry Lawler would lose against The Miz, I just kept on hoping that he would win, no one knows if he will realize one of his wrestling dreams of being in a match at Wrestlemania 27, we shall see soon enough!

Next WWE Pay-Per-View – Wrestlemania XXVII

Ziedrich’s Diary 3 – Stress and Surprise

February 7, 2011 Leave a comment


This year is going to be a very stressful time for me, several reasons, some I can’t really tell you as they are more personal but work is struggling so my hours might be cut down a little, also with all the recent crap from the government, money is slowly becoming tighter.

The biggest stress related topic for me is my upcoming wedding, which will happen at March 3rd 2012, just one day after my 10 year anniversary to my fiancée, yes, I have a girlfriend, weird no? I mean, I’m such a gaming and wrestling nerd, its one of the biggest surprises of my life when she asked me out and we are still together after all these years, wow, time flies!

Well, in gaming news, I recently Dead Space 2 a few days ago, my fiancée is partially to blame as she love her horror and Dead Space is one of the few games that actually scares her which is what she loves so it’s not 100% my fault as we are trying to save up for the wedding, bah!!!

Dead Space 2 is really something else, it’s not quite as scary as the first one but the bosses and cut-scenes are just big wow factor and I soon want to try the multiplayer mode, it looks great on the trailer I saw and the ability to play as the necromorphs is kinda cool. I’d give the game a 9/10 for the awesome action and cut-scenes so if you like horrors, get this game, it won’t really scare the pants out of you but it will give you several fright jumps.

Less than 2 weeks till I get my copy of Marvel vs Capcom 3, I’m really looking forward to this game, every video I watch of the game’s gameplay, I just want it more and more and they only just stopped introducing characters into the game, it’s about time too since it’s soooo close to it’s release date, the last lot their introduced was 2 DLC characters, Jill Valentine from Resident Evil series and Shuma-Gorath from the Marvel side of the characters, not sure who that is really but it just looks like an mutated octopus!

In wrestling news, there is still debating about which mystery wrestler will arrive on the 21st Feb edition of WWE RAW, which is the day after the Elimination Chamber. It’s mostly pickings between The Undertaker or Sting, I still have a slight hunch it’s the undertaker, the mood of the entire promo just seems like a undertaker scenario but from what I heard, something about the date itself, 21/2/11, is somehow related to Sting, one person said the 10th anniversary since WWE completely took over WCW but I dunno if it’s true…. We will just have to see on the day.

Last week, a friend of mine from facebook, posted a video from YouTube, it was a fan film of Fallout 3 so I just had to watch, and I thought the Nuka-Cola still images advert was cool, this is just sheer awesomeness, really!!!

It was such a surprisingly great fan-made film, have a look for yourself, I’ve embedded it on this post for you all to see, it’s a bit of a parody of the game, great script and humour. This is more or less a vault-dweller and his friends, a male ghoul and a female ex-slave, travelling to find means to survive but all this vault-dweller wants to find is Nuka-Cola and will pretty much do anything to get some. Good effects and the main characters are loveable, watch below to see for yourself!


Anyway, this is the end of this week’s diary, I’ll make another either at the end of this week or early next week

WWE and TNA February 2011 PPV posters

January 4, 2011 Leave a comment

I recently found the official posters for February’s Pay-Per-Views for WWE and TNA in 2011, here they are below



The WWE PPV happening in February is none other than the Elimination Chamber PPV, it will happen on the 20th of that month and with Randy Orton on the cover, it might mean that Randy may lose his match against The Miz in the Royal Rumble and might compete in RAW’s Elimination Chamber match.



For TNA, the PPV that will happen on February will be the Against All Odds Pay-Per-View, this will happen on the 13th of that month. The cover shows Jeff Hardy and the message saying “Is Immortal Truly Forever?”, this could mean that by this point, members of Immortal may start to doubt the position they are in and possibly start turning against Immortal? Could mean quite a few things really, we will have to wait and see….


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