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WWE manager Paul Bearer passed away

March 6, 2013 Leave a comment


Sad news in the world of wrestling as WWE legendary manager, Paul Bearer aka Percy Pringle, has passed away at the age of 58

Paul Bearer was the manager to The Undertaker in his early days and throughout the attitude era whilst making the odd cameo appearance in the later days with Kane

The news was confirmed from WWE themselves on Tuesday, no reason for his passing has been revealed but with his constant health problems due to his weight, I assume it has something to with that if anything

I grew up loving Undertaker and Paul Bearer and I was actually almost in tears, on his twitter and pictures he shows of his family, he was such a kind and amazing individual and I always followed his tweets and photos
It is sad to see such an amazing manager of the WWE pass away and I hope Vince gives him a Hall of Fame position as he damn well deserves it!

Rest In Peace Paul Bearer, we will never forget you….. Oh Yessss!


Undertaker’s condition after Wrestlemania 27

April 5, 2011 55 comments


Yesterday, Paul Bearer (Percy Pringle) said on his twitter page that the Undertaker, after his brutal match with HHH at Wrestlemania 27, is doing alright.

Many people would’ve thought that after such a intense match and the aftermath, from the Undertaker collapsing and being taken away in a stretcher, he would be in quite a poor condition but your worries can now be put to one side, Undertaker is okay, just needs some rest to recover from such a great match.

Recently he has been advertised for a tag match for a live crowd during the Smackdown recordings this week, if this is the case, I hope he isn’t pushed too hard, after such a match, the guy needs a short holiday to recover.

All in all, I, aswell as many fans, should be glad that Undertaker is doing fine and is recovering nicely!

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