My Underrated Games

This Top Ten is the for some of the most underrated games I’ve ever played, there are many games that you see reviewed in magazines and websites that got poor ratings but yet when someone like me buy and play them, we seem to find things in these games that many others would easily miss.

Sure we all have different opinions on the same games so not alot of people could agree with me over these games, don’t forget that these are underrated games that I have played so if there is some missing, it will mean I haven;t played them but if you want to show us your underrated games, you are welcomed to comment on this with your quick list.

Here is my ten most underrated games that I have played during my 20+ years of gaming


Number 10 – NIER

Say what you want about NIER, I think it has the resources and gameplay to become a good game but I think lack of understanding and not enough advertising has ruined this which is a damn shame, this game deserves better respect. The beautiful music, vibrant characters and awesome looking enemies aswell as loads to do and plenty of weapons to use gives this game plenty of variety and worth playing.

Number 9 – Brutal Legend

Although this got average to good ratings, I think it deserves a little more due to how much effort was put into this game, seriously, Ozzy Ozbourne, Jack Black and many other rock/metal legends in one game, what can go wrong!?

Sure, some of the story plot and one-liners are quite cheesy but the graphics are very colourful and great character designs, the music is just awesome and the combat system for the army vs army battles is easy to understand and difficult to master which gives it great gameplay and even replay value when doing the online modes


Number 8 – Dune 2000


In the time of Command and Conquer, games like this were pretty much left in the dust, which is a shame coz this had alot of potential and sure it had a sequel but it was never the same, this I think is the best Dune game that ever graced our old time PCs (Yes, there was also a PS2 version but that did even poorly than the PC version)

In the old days of RTS (Real-Time Strategy), most of them were 2D and shown in a sort of helicopter view, but this varied quite a bit from it’s C&C counterpart, you build structures but only if there was concrete on the desert grounds so you can’t just build and plop them anywhere which is sensible and the resources are Spice which can be found in the deepest parts of the desert which is protected by Sand Worms, these were bastards as they could eat anything whole. Each unit was different and unique, so was each army faction, using live action cut-scene with real actors meant it put alot of money into the game and it’s a shame that it didn’t pay off more than it should


Number 7 – Guilty Gear Isuka


For most of it’s career, the Guilty Gear series has been very over-looked, Guilty Gear Isuka is the most over-looked I would say, it was during the time of the PS2’s last hurrah, where the next gens started invading. This game is probably one of the most fun in the series

This is also one of those Guilty Gears that tries something completely different, 4 player modes, which made the fighting experience a whole new level, and thus involving team battles and handicap fights or even a 4-way brawl along 2 lines, back and front so the characters aren’t cramped up, there is also a CG Boost Mode which is similar to that of GG Judgement for PSP in which you progress in a Streets of Rage style beat m up, you can have 2 players involved and it’s very fun and challenging. This game is worth playing and the 4 player modes can entertain you for many hours!


Number 6 – Eat Lead: Return of Matt Hazard


Yes, yes, I know, just coz it’s a parody game that it deserves little respect but this is different, this is a parody that is first of all, actually funny, second, the system works and third, it’s pretty challenging, plus has a kick ass soundtrack!

The graphics aren’t at their best but the game is difficult and the boss battles are very enjoyable, in terms of parodies, there is a Mario, Master Chief, Cloud Strife, Wolfenstein soldiers and many others, the story is as pointless as it gets but it’s still funny regardless, the characters are surprisingly good detailed, word of caution though, don’t play this game on maximum hazard, it’s almost impossible to complete!


Number 5 – Ninety-Nine Nights 2


First of all, I know this is a N3 game but this sequel to the first game is alot better and alot darker, the combat is refined and improved, even though its improved slightly, it’s better than nothing at all.

The graphics has improved drastically, the first game just focused on lots of shiny armour and drastic special attacks, this isn’t, this focuses on a bit of everything and the special attacks aren’t so drastic, although they are still devastating. The fights themselves are alot more enjoyable and the game is more balanced so beginners can get some value out of this, sure, it’s repetitive but so are most hack n slash games these days so just be patient is all I’m asking, give it a chance.


Number 4 – Dynasty Warriors 4 XL


Being a DW fan, nuff should be said about the series but I think that Dynasty Warriors 4XL is one of the best of the series, I was asking a fair few people and most of them never had this but had every other game, let me tell you why this is one of the best DW games of all time

The main reason is it’s the most balanced of the DW series, also had one of the best soundtracks in the series too and also the characters aren’t so heavily covered in armour which is a refreshing change but the best feature to this game for me is the Xtreme Mode, in which started off the whole Empires series, you pick a character and take on level after level of base capturing without the base checkpoints, the levels are random and it acts like a survival mode, you keep playing it until you are defeated and this mode alone is worth the game, many many hours of fun!


Number 3 – The Bouncer


Even Square-ENIX hated this game, the sales were so poor and so were the “Expert” reviews that Square fired Dream Works, who created the game, but Square has to admit, there was some value to it, Sion, the main character is now Sora from Kingdom Harts, look at them both and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

The game itself is good, regardless of it’s slightly bland story plot and endless cut-scenes but the gameplay is enjoyable, the fighting system is decent and its one of the first proper games that involves the use of the rag-doll system which gives the game some humour. Multiplayer is very fun, team battles upto 6 characters and a upto 4 player free for alls in quite a surprising number of levels, the characters are well designed and colourful, the amount of playable characters was also surprising and the survival mode is difficult and great to test your skills and unlock the secret outfit for Sion.


Number 2 – Hogs of War


This game deserves LOTS of respect and is by far one of the most underrated games of all time, this game could’ve given the famous WORMS series a run for it’s money! But yet…. Sales were quite poor and so its disappeared as quick as it could be released which is a damn shame, this had a good future if people just gave it a chance.

The graphics in those days were pretty good back in the day and the game is MEGA fun, I wasted many weeks playing this game and it’s got loads of variety and replay value, multiplayer is as fun as any WORMS game and plus comedian Rik Mayall was a voice actor in it, giving the game good giggles. With multiplayer having random generated levels and high sized maps, the amount of fun with this is almost endless, I always wanted a sequel to this but I doubt it will ever happen….


Number 1 – Chaos Legion


I don’t care what any gaming expert says, this game is the most underrated game in the past 10 years! Capcom is a superb job on this game but it was heavily over-shadowed by the arrival of Devil May Cry 2 as both games were released on the same month and DMC2 was just rubbish, and that’s that!

This game, compared to Devil May Cry 2, had a better story plot, better atmosphere with the graphics and surroundings and not to mention, the awesome Legions at your disposal (Thanatos, nuff said!). The characters were much better looking and suited the game more than the characters did in DMC2, boss battles are enjoyable and the combat system was decent, there was many many upgrades for your character and your legions which a fair amount of replay value as you had to start from the beginning when the world changes in order to collect pieces of Thanatos.

Most magazines and websites I’ve read up threw this into the mud but I, like many other hack n slash/Capcom fans, would agree that this game is worth the effort and should deserve a sequel as the story left plot holes for a possible follow-up but it will never happen.


  1. March 27, 2011 at 16:24

    I don’t really know much about the games you posted except Dune 2000. That game was an abomination and a complete disappointment to anyone who had the honour and priviledge to play Dune II: Battle for Arrakis, which was the forefather to the great Command & Conquer. Especially as they ruined Siege Tanks, which were turned from Heavy Tanks with two large calbibre guns into little pea-shoort artillery pieces.

  2. Xue
    March 27, 2011 at 21:23

    I’m not sure how well Metal Slug did, but it’s a game I personally thought of as being underrated as well. I don’t really know many on your list, except that I know you love The Bouncer and Chaos Legion so i’m not suprised to see them at #2 and #1 haha!

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